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Return and Refund Policy

1. Cancelation Policy
  • Special order items are non-cancelable once purchased, unless the item is still on a backorder status with the manufacturer and/or has not been shipped from the manufacturer and Mr. Appliance is able to cancel the order with the manufacturer. Mr. Appliance does not control the supply chain, delays, and estimated dates given to us at the time of purchase. Special order items are considered; any items with a long lead time, special color, items not stocked in Mr. Appliance warehouse.
  • Out of box and floor model inventory is non-cancelable.
2. Return Policy
  • 30-day return policy only applies to items in the exact condition in which you received them (packaging cannot be opened). All returned items are subject to a minimum 20% restocking fee.Non-returnable Items:
    • Any product that has been installed or has attempted to be installed.
    • All special-order items, out of box and floor model inventory.
    • All trim kits, hoods, AC units, accessories, water filters, and install parts.
    • Install price and delivery fee.
3. Holding In-Stock Items
  • All new items must be delivered/picked up within 90 days of arriving at Mr. Appliance warehouse. If you cannot take delivery within 90 days, your items will go to the next order in-line and then be re-ordered (special order appliances are excluded from this and will be held).
  • All out of box and floor model inventory must be delivered/picked up within 7 days of the purchase date.
4. Trip Charges
  • The customer is subject to a $69 return trip fee per additional trip if…
    • Mr. Appliance cannot complete the job on the installation day due to the site being not ready.
    • The customer ordered the wrong size appliance.
    • The customer was not home to receive the scheduled delivery.
5. Delivery and Install
  • Mr. Appliance charges for standard install prices and parts/accessories only, any work/parts past a standard installation will be additional charges. This may require additional trips to complete the installation. Any modifications to complete the install is at an additional charge.
6. Mail-In Rebates
  • All rebate claims and payments are exclusively between the issuer (not Mr. Appliance) and the consumer. The consumer is responsible for filing within the dates stated in the rebate. If the items are not delivered before the qualifying dates, submit your rebate with no serial number. All rebate claim issues/questions must be handled directly with the issuer (not Mr. Appliance).
7. Acceptance of Merchandise
  • Cosmetic product damage and property damage must be reported at the time of delivery; by signing the delivery document you are agreeing to this and forfeiting your right to claim damage.
  • The consumer and/or anyone accepting merchandise on their behalf signing the order are responsible for thoroughly checking the condition of all products received as stated above, even if you are planning on setting up or installing the appliances at a later date.
  • If the product is damaged on inspection, the delivery must be refused unless you have contacted the store for resolution. Failure to refuse delivery will result in keeping the product as-is and accepting a damage allowance or going through cosmetic warranty repair with the manufacturer.
8. Backorders
  • Availability dates rely solely on the manufacturers and not Mr. Appliance. Estimated dates can change without notice, we only promise to contact you to schedule delivery once the item arrives at Mr. Appliance warehouse.
9. Warranty
  • Manufacturer warranties are directly through the manufacturer, who holds full responsibility for warranty claims starting on the day of delivery. Mr. Appliance does not warranty any product.
  • Manufacturer’s handle their own defective products and replacements. Please see the user manual for warranty information and how to file a claim.